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Sean Murphy

Social Architect

Greetings and welcome to my official place in cyberspace.

I appreciate you dropping by my site and look forward to hearing how I can be of service.


Phone 303-225-5776
What is a Social Architect? A person who designs systems, structures and businesses to improve the quality of life of others. The one who builds bridges between people to create value.


Work Experience

Miracle Ventures2014-CurrentManaging Partner

Impact Investing

Private Consulting2012-CurrentSeveral Clients

Executive consulting for industrial hemp and medical cannabis industry

Fairway Properties, Inc. (FRYP)2008-2012President/Director

Acquired by Medient Studios (OTCQB:MDNT). Investor ROI 50%-800%.

VideoPros & Vidstore2008-2012Co-Founder

Acquired by TN Marketing

Niche Technologies, Inc.2007-2012Partner

All assets sold and investments successfully exited.

Niche Properties2006-2011Internet Marketing Manager

Assets spun off to a private buyer.


University of Notre Dame2003-2007BA Psychology & Theology


EntrepreneurshipAll phases of a startup

InvestingSocial impact, reverse mergers, venture capital

Website DevelopmentWordpress, Technical Recruiting

Website DesignPhotoshop, Usability, Omnigraffle

Internet MarketingOnline video, Salesforce, OfficeAutoPilot

Public SpeakingConferences, seminars, lectures

WritingBusiness plans, book publishing, blogging

FrenchSpeaking proficiency



Miracle Ventures
Managing Partner

Miracle Ventures is an impact venture firm that makes seed stage investments, typically in the range of $50K-$250K, in start-ups solving major healthcare problems and working to extend life by 10-20 years. In short, the company invests in those who are creating miracles.


Vidyasa, Inc.
Consultant and Advisorvidyasa-logo

Vidyasa is a digital agency specializing in video. The company currently operates two divisions that I co-founded before they were acquired by Vidyasa. VideoPros helps people produce, manage, and distribute videos and has a full production studio in Denver. VidStore helps people create online video stores to monetize their video content.


Fairway Properties, Inc. fairway
President and Director

Fairway Properties, Inc. (OTCQB:FRYP) was an online portal for golf real estate and digital marketing. I co-founded the company and funded it by raising financing from 37 accredited investors in Wyoming, Colorado and Texas. The company went public in 2009 by filing a Form 10. During the collapse of the golf and real estate markets the company not only managed to sustain operations, but experienced modest growth. In 2012, Fairway Properties, Inc. executed a reverse merger and was acquired by Medient Studios (OTCQB:MDNT). Investors to date have realized a 50%-500% return on their investment.


Niche Technologies Inc.niche

Niche Technologies was a venture capital incubator founded in 2006 by my brother Michae Murphyl. Shortly after starting the company, I joined him and then a year later my younger brother Darren came on board. As partners in the company, we operated a seed stage accelerator making investments in internet and media ventures.

From 2006-2008, Michael and I raised $2.5M to capitalize the company’s ventures and made investments ranging from $25,000 to $500,000. Over time, the Niche Technoloiges incubator grew from three brothers (working in our basement) to a team of 15 people spread across the various ventures. From 2006-2012 we funded, grew and exited all of the ventures we started. They are as follows:

VideoPros: A venture providing video management, distribution and production services. Michael and I co-founded and funded VideoPros with capital from Niche Technologies. We grew the venture to 10 employees and revenues increased steadily until the venture was acquired by Vidyasa, Inc.

LUX.com: Originally intended to be the center piece of a network of luxury themed advertising and marketing websites, ultimately went undeveloped. Michael and I negotiated the transaction and sale of the domain and it stands as one of the top domain name sales of 2011. Niche Technologies realized a 150% ROI.

Vidli: A venture providing online video licensing. The venture was founded and funded in the Niche Technologies incubator in 2009 and subsequently sold to a private buyer in 2011.

Zprosper: A network marketing and media venture formed in partnership with Zrii International as a product distributor. The venture provided personal development and life coaching services. In 2010 the venture was purchased by a private buyer.

LuxuryProperty.com: An online portal for luxury real estate. The company was spun off to new management in 2011.

Niche Properties: An online network of 13 niche real estate websites providing services in online advertising and marketing. The company was spun off to new management in 2011.







End of Life Care



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